Rubbish collection and charges are going to change in 2015. Are you prepared ?

Rubbish clearance will be charged according to the size of the rubbish wheelie bin you choose and number of times it is uplifted and emptied. The less rubbish, the fewer times you have to clear your rubbish, the less you have to pay. Are you prepared to reduce your waste ?

The Auckland Council has 2 kinds of free workshops to help you reduce your waste. If you belong to a Chinese community in the Central, Eastern or Southern part of Auckland, you can consider the “Bokashi Community” workshops (details in another flyer). If you do not belong to any Chinese communities, please consider the “Create Your Own Eden” English workshop. Participants will be able to learn garden waste composting, bokashi composting and worm farm to reduce waste. They can also be able to get a $46 coupon for buying composting tools and materials.