Gallery @ 2020

Our Gallery @ 2020

7th Dec 2020 Compost Workshop

Compost Workshop

Let our experienced tutor, Estella Lee tell you how to choose and use different kinds of compost bins to reduce food waste at home and create your own compost for your garden.



4th Dec 2020 Sewing Repair Cafe

Sewing Repair Café 

Our friendly and enthusiastic team will repair your zips, tailor your pants or clothes to fit you.Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm, 4th Dec 2020


我们的缝纫人员为您更换拉链,  剪裁你的裤子,  收紧你的衣服,以更好地适合你。时间:2020124日上午9:30am 至下午12:30pm

29th Nov 2020 Repair Cafe

 Another Successful Repair Café!!!

We help to repair your small items of : electric appliances, furniture, clothing and general repair.

维修咖啡馆又取得巨大的成功 !我们做四种维修工作。 它们是:电器,家具,缝纫, 木工和一般维修。


28th Nov 2020 Glendene Reserve Restoration



Let’s learn some Maori medicinal plants and do some mulching and weeding to restore the natural beauty of Glendene Reserve.

让我们一起学习毛利草药,做树木的护根和除草,恢复Glendene Reserve的自然生态


24th Nov 2020 Waste Expert Expo


35 new schools ask the experts! We invite you to kindly join us for our waste expert expo and share your products, systems and available services with schools to minimise their school waste.


35所新学校请教专家! 我们邀请您加入我们的废物专家展览会,并与学校共享您的产品,系统和可用的服务,以最大程度地减少学校的废物。



6th Nov 2020 Sewing Repair Cafe

Held by Chinese Conservation Education Trust

Supported by Epsom Chinese Association

Sponsored by Albert Eden Local Board

Our friendly and enthusiastic team will repair your zips, tailor your pants or clothes to fit you.


30th Oct 2020 Organic Gardening at Epsom Chinese Association

Gardening expert, Mr. Richard Main is here again to share information for the people of Epson Chinese Association about organic gardening. Location: 33 Kimberly Rd, Auckland


28th Oct 2020 Organic Gardening at Northcote Library

Organic Gardening Workshop for Dry Season

Gardening expert Mr. Richard Main will tell us how to handle dry season. He will also teach us how to do rotary planting and composting etc. too. Location: Northcote Library


24th Oct 2020 Thames and Miranda Trip

Thames is a peaceful quiet town now. During the Gold Rush era, it was a very busy place with Banks, stock market, hotels and a lot of people. A certificate from the Mineral School guaranteed a job in other countries.  Let’s review the history of Thames.

The bar tail Godwit, champion of Long haul flight. They can fly seven and a half day non stop to Yalu Jiang. Then to Alaska to breed. At the end of August will fly eight and a half day non stop back to NZ.  It is time to farewell the birds. They are leaving for Yalu Jiang in March. They are in their best shape and the male birds are in their pretty breeding feather. Let’s go to Miranda to farewell the migrant birds and hear their amazing stories.

10th Oct 2020 Tree Crops in Auckland Botanic Gardens

  • Free Compost Making Workshop
  • Buy and sell, look, talk trees and ask questions
  • Local experts to answer your questions
  • Trees, plants and seeds suitable for Auckland
  • Common and Unusual fruit trees
  • Subtropical, Pip and Stone Fruit, herbs
  • Garden tools and other Items for your garden
  • Bring your old secateurs, lopper, spades and knives to be sharpened
  • Crafts, pottery, fibre crafts
  • Supplies and advice from Organic Heritage Chicken breeders

8th Oct 2020 Organic Gardening Workshop

Expert of organic gardening, Mr. Richard Main talked about how to raise seeds in spring, what preparation we need to do and what are good to plant in this season. All questions about organic gardening welcomed. LocationSanctuary Mihiwhenua Gardens in Mt Albert.

29th Sep 2020 Greenhite Reserve Walk

A great walk in Greenhite Reserve with expert talking about native trees, plants and animals.

16th Sep 2020 Whau River Workshop

A great workshop to know about some weeds in New Zealand about their harms to the environment and how to get rid of them. LocationAvondale.

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