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Te Whau Pathway allows you to walk from Waitemata Harbour to Manukau Harbour.

Auckland is an isthmus.  It’s Maori name is : Tāmaki Makaurau which means a place of a hundred lovers, referring to the desirable, fertile site at the hub of a network of waterways taking travellers north, south, east or west.

The Whau River(the river on the east of Te Atatu peninsular),  has a long history of human transportation. Māori for centuries used the Whau as an important route for transporting waka between the two coasts of Auckland.

There is a big project underway now to create a pathway that people can “walk” from Waitemata Harbour to Manukau Harbour. The length of the path is 15km, connecting 33 reserves, esplanade reserves, sports parks and roads.

On completion, the pathway will feature strategically placed seating, viewing and rest areas and art work. 

The writer is lucky enough to join in the consultation group recently and experience in first-hand how western country use public money on a project like this. As small as the design and material use for the board walks, the rails, the consultation group was consulted. What and where to put along the pathway, like seating, rest areas, viewing platforms, art works Auckland residents can have a say.

Archibald Park by the Whau River is part of the pathway. It has already got a sector of foot path which will be connected to this Te Whau Pathway in the future.

On 16th May (Sunday) from 10am to 1pm, at Archibald Park, there is an event called “ Te Whau Day Out” There are information given out about this pathway.

I am sure all Aucklanders would like to try this pathway when it’s completed. Should you like to know more about this pathway, please click on Te Whau Pathway website underneath.

The source of Information in this article is also from  the website.


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