Meet Our Trustees

Meet Our Trustees At CCET

Susan Li was born and educated in Hong Kong. After graduating from Sir Robert Black College of Education, she was a teacher until she immigrated into New Zealand in 1999.

In 2007, she started doing morning exercises with a group of Chinese elderly at Melville Park in Epsom. Seeing the need of the Chinese elderly to have more social activities and to integrate into the mainstream, Epsom Chinese Association(ECA) was formed. Susan has been the Chairperson of Epsom Chinese Association ever since. She organises seminars on health, safety, conservation and other information. ECA has regular meetings twice a week when members enjoy activities like singing and dancing.

During the past few years, CCET’s chairperson, Estella has come to ECA’s meetings several times to give talks on protecting our environment, composting, migration of birds and exploring Antarctica. She has also led the members of ECA on several trips to learn about Kauri Die Back, weeds and also took ECA’s members to visit VISY, Auckland’s recycling plant. ECA’s members have actively taken part in the activities of Chinese Conservation Education Trust, like the Repair Café and tree planting days. After learning the importance of protecting our planet earth, Susan feels strongly about supporting the invaluable work that CCET does and is eager to help more Chinese to do their share to protect our environment.

Anne Tsui, Trustee

Anne Tsui has a long standing interest in the environment. It all started some 30 years ago on her arrival in New Zealand. Anne came from the concrete jungles of Hong Kong. She fell in love with NZ immediately on arrival. She was impressed by the incredible beauty of NZ and it’s clean and green image. She has travelled around the country appreciating how lucky she has been to be able to live in such a unique environment. Through books, newspapers and other media, she became aware of the vulnerability of our planet. She actively supports CCET by being a volunteer for many years. All the activities organized by CCET opened her eyes up to the importance of playing our parts in conserving our planet not only for our own survival but also for making it a better place for our next and future generations. She is a firm believer that education is vital to bringing a positive impact on the sustainability of our environment. She is delighted to join CCET as a trustee to continue with her support and contribution to the Trust. She hopes that her passion for conservation, her business background and administrative experience will contribute to furthering the very worthy cause of CCET.

Tsz kong Yau (TK), Trustee

Tk was born and educated in mainland China. Returning to his hometown of Hong Kong in the 1980s. He served a European industrial equipment agency in Hong Kong. He was promoted to engineer, general manager for the group’s china division, responsible for developing China market. Migrant to New Zealand from Hong Kong . Worked as a tour driver guide TK has the chance to travel and understand this wonder country. Used to be a trained volunteer in Chinese Lifeline for telephone psychological counselling service, And Chinese Mental Health Consultation Services Charitable Trust’s Hotline for Senior Citizens. As an active volunteer in CCET. He assisted Chairperson Ms Estella Lee to do Zero Waste road show, composting talk, Repair Cafe, environment conservation education trips, etc. for the Chinese community. Tk believe that we have to do something , just like what CCET is doing, In order to keep the luck of living here.

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