Other Organizations’ Activities 

Other Organizations’ Activities

Experience Ecology in Action at EcoQuest! 

EcoQuest is a famous private school teaching ecology to school year 12 & year 13 students. Underneath is a 5days 4 nights programme they do from 27th April to 1st May. There are not many schools deliver this kind of topics. It is a good chance for your son and daughter learn.

Considering a career in conservation, natural science,  or environmental management? 

Experience Ecology in Action at EcoQuest! 

An exciting 5-day residential holiday programme for  

high school seniors (year 12 and 13) 


Tuesday 27th April – Saturday 1st May; 5 days/4 nights 


The EcoQuest Field Centre in Whakatiwai (north of Kaiaua) on the coast of  

Tikapa Moana the Firth of Thames. 


We cover species-focused environmental monitoring techniques, and  

important environmental issues in the Hauraki / Hūnua area. 

The program is primarily outdoors and hands-on, giving students a taste  

of work and research in environmental fields. 


Cost: $750 including accommodation and meals 

Find out more and contact us here: 


EcoQuest Education Foundation Te Rarangahau Taiao


EcoFest West and EcoFest North- 20th March to 18th April

EcoFest West and EcoFest North- 20th March to 18th April

From 20th March to 18th  April, there are a lot of Eco activities and events happen in West Auckland and North Auckland. They are the “EcoFest West and EcoFest North”. All the activities and events will be delivered in English. Some are free and some have a small fee. Some you need registration  and some don’t. There are more than 120 activities at Ecofest West and also many at EcoFest North. It is just not possible to translate them for those who do not have English.

We are going to provide a link and the hints to find the date, time and location of the event. If you want to know the details, you have to use your translation tools in your mobile or computer.

Join in and enjoy the Festival.

Link for EcoFest North calendar : https://kaipatiki.org.nz/ecofest/

The calendar is arranged according to the date from 20th March to 18th April. On the photo of the event, you can see the date and time and if it is a free event and the fee if you have to pay. Click onto the event. You can find the date, time, location at the bottom in orange and white writing on black background. A “Book Now” orange rectangular button on the right. If you click onto “Book Now” button, there is no registration form to come out, means that booking is not needed.

Link for EcoFest West : https://www.ecomatters.org.nz/ecofestwest/

This website menu is also arranged according to their date starting from 20th March. Eco Fest West has many activities in each day.

When you see the event, click on the yellowish rectangle “Read More”. That will bring you to the date, time, venue, charge and a “Buy ticket” button. Also a map of the venue location is provided.

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