24th Oct 2020 Thames and Miranda Trip

24th Oct 2020 Thames and Miranda Trip

Why did we call San Francisco “Old Gold Mine” and NZ “New Gold Mine” ? We’ll look at the Gold Rush history. 

Thames is a peaceful quiet town now. During the Gold Rush era, it was a very busy place with Banks, stock market, hotels and a lot of people. A certificate from the Mineral School guaranteed a job in other countries.  Let’s review the history of Thames.

The bar tail Godwit, champion of Long haul flight. They can fly seven and a half day non stop to Yalu Jiang. Then to Alaska to breed. At the end of August will fly eight and a half day non stop back to NZ.  It is time to farewell the birds. They are leaving for Yalu Jiang in March. They are in their best shape and the male birds are in their pretty breeding feather. Let’s go to Miranda to farewell the migrant birds and hear their amazing stories.

逛泰晤士镇农夫市场,  探泰晤士镇光辉历史;迎长途飞行冠军候鸟, 听候鸟生态与人类关系。

如今的泰晤士镇宁静, 祥和。 在寻金热时代,银行,股票行, 酒店, 人群, 是个非常繁忙, 热闹的地方; 一纸矿物学校的证书, 保证在其他国家找工作, 通行无阻。 让我们一起去逛泰晤士镇农夫市场, 并回顾泰晤士镇的辉煌历史。

长飞行冠军—斑尾塍鹬, 可以连续七天半不眠不休,不吃不喝飞到鸭绿江;  然后飞往阿拉斯加繁殖; 八月底从阿拉斯加飞行八天半不停站返回新西兰。现在是候鸟归来的时候, 让我们前往米兰达迎接迁飞的鸟儿,听听它们令人惊叹的故事。

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