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1980 – 1989 Director of LEE HIN PUBLISHER

Published a series of very successful China Travel Guide books. It was the first China Travel Guide book to be sold in the Mainland Chinese Hotels.Estella was invited to be the honorary consultant of Hong Kong Student Travel (a travel company set up by HK University and college students) 

1992-2002 Estella ran her own inbound travel company

Estella ran her own inbound travel company as the Managing Director  of HKS (Holiday Kiwi Style) Travel Ltd1992-2002 Estella ran her own inbound travel company as the Managing Director  of HKS (Holiday Kiwi Style) Travel LtdHKS was the inbound travel agent for the very famous China travel agents like the Sydney CTS (China Travel Service), Beijing CTS, Quanzhou CTS, HK CTS, 

Radio show producer and announcer :

1990-1996 Estella was the producer & Announcer of a very popular Travel Show on 810AM CHINESE COMMUNITY RADIO

1998-2005 When Estella’s radio show become so popular that Estella was invited to do her show on AM990 CHINESE RADIO

2006-2008 AM990 frequency was sold to the Indians in 2005. Estella was invited to do her show on FM95.8 CHINESE VOICE and had many fans.


1993-2015 Estella was a columnist on Travel, Conservation & Environmental Protection for different Chinese new papers in Auckland

2015- present Estella is a free lance writer for the Chinese Herald Newspaper, writing on Conservation Issues.

1. Chinese Conservation Education Trust-Chairperson May 2011-present
2. Friends of Regional Park –Committee member June 2011-present
3. Miranda Naturalists Trust- Trustee May 2008- Oct 2019
4. Auckland Conservation Board – Committee member August 2004 –Nov. 2010
5. Film and Video Labelling Body Inc Consumer Representative Feb 2007 – 2009
6. Auckland Chinese Catholic Community-Chairperson April 2003-May 2008
7. Chinese Conservation Education Trust – Trustee 2004-present
8. Chinese Conservation Education Trust – Founder& Chairperson 2002- 2004
9. NZ China Friendship Society Inc,- Executive Member 2004-present
10. NZ Chinese Association – Chair of Community Service 2002-2009
11. NZ Chinese Association – Chair of Public Relationship committee 2000-2002
12. Auckland / Guangzhou 20/20 committee – member 1999-2011(Organized by the Auckland City Council)
13. NZ Chinese Writer Association-member 1994-present
14. NZ China Trade Association – Executive Member 2001-2005
15. NZ Chinese Women’s Association –Chair of Recreation committee 1995-2003
16. Auckland Harbourside Rotary Club- member 1997-2006

Estella Lee, who is well-known among the Chinese community in New Zealand, used to be just a school teacher. ButGod has led her to a fruitful life that is out of the ordinary. Estella has a great love for the nature, and has been very active in promoting environmental awareness. She co-founded the “Chinese Conservation Education Trust” with a few friends in New Zealand, in order to bring the message of environmental protection to the Chinese community.

Estella was featured as one of the Good Sorts on TV1


Good Sorts: Estella Lee
Published: 7:26PM Sunday May 31, 2009 Source: ONE News

Word of mouth

Estella Lee is a newish New Zealander who fell in love with our country and decided to do her part for the environment.
When Lee went to one of our National Parks two decades ago, she had many questions about our environment.
But instead of keeping the answers to herself, she started passing on what she learnt.
Lee is the founder and head of the Chinese Conservation Education Trust.
She holds classes at the Waitakere Sustainable Living Centre, where her students sing her praises.
“She’s an amazing woman,” says one student.
Twenty years ago, Lee was like her students. She came to New Zealand for a new life but didn’t know much about the land she was now living on.
“We know very little because we are all townies, in Hong Kong, if we don’t litter then we are a very good citizen already. To recycle the garbage is not our business,” says Lee.
So she learnt, and decided it would be a waste not to share it.
“I have the chance to learn and if I don’t pass it on, I have wasted the gift god gave me,” says Lee.
“We need to protect the environment, we have the passion for it and I like to learn and I like share it with my fellow people,” she says.
“I think everybody’s got to do something.”

Founder of Chinese Conservation Education Trust (CCET)

Estella founded CCET with DOC on 13th April 2002.

Estella Lee receiving an envirowaste award on behalf of the Chinese Conservation and Education Trust 



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