27th Feb 2021 Learn about conservation through outings

Goat Island Reserve one day tour

  • Goat Island Marine Discovery Centre is a very interesting and educational place. You can learn about the marine lives that we can hardly have chance to know, e.g. the starfish can take its stomach out on the food to digest the food, the octopus is so clever that it tried to use its feet to open a jar. When it couldn’t get the lid opened, it used its feet to take the jar home.
  • Tawharanui Regional Park is a mainland Island. There is no pest animal inside the park. The park is a peninsular. How can the park rangers prevent pest animals like mice and rats to swim from the sea into the park ?
  • You have been to Honey Centres, Have you learnt how complicate the honey bees’ community is? We love prospolis. We love Royal Jelly. What are they ?


We are going to visit the above 3 places on the 27th February.


Activity code : 210227

Date: 27th February,2021 (Saturday)

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