17th Jul 2021 Tree planting with ” Friends of Peace”

at Waitawa Regional park

July 17, Saturday, a stormy morning, was the day to plant trees in the Waitawa Regional Park.
I called the park ranger and asked if the weather is bad, will the tree planting activity be cancelled? They said that there will be no cancellation, and plant as many people as they want, and it doesn’t matter if no one comes.
I promised the Friends of Peace. So I still drove to Waitawa Park early in the morning. I didn’t expect a few people from them to come. However, when it was close to ten o’clock, when it was time to plant trees, nearly 30 people came.
The rain is still heavy. I tell everyone that if you don’t want to plant trees in the rain, you can stay in the car. They knew that the tree-planting operation had already begun. Everyone didn’t shrink back, and they all got out of the car eve without rain protection equipment. The spirit of not afraid of wind and rain ,It’s amazing! 500 saplings were planted in just over an hour. Although many people were drenched and did not complain, everyone happily enjoyed the barbecue sausages.
The park ranger Bryan was very moved and ran on their bus to thank them, and hope they will come again!
The President of the Friends of Peace said well, we plant trees and we promote culture for peace. I’m sure that the Chinese today will leave a beautiful and peaceful impression in Kiwi’s heart!

Estella Lee 李衍玲

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