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Welcome to Chinese Conservation Education Trust website!! 

Thanks to those who have invented internet. With our website we do not have to cut down trees to make paper. We do not need our postman to run around. We can easily pass messages and share information. Our new website is more user friendly and information is much easier to find. We have also added in a few new content like : Conservation Campaigns, Rules and regulations from government agents like : MFish, Auckland Council, DOC, etc. This website is for you. Hope that you’ll find it better and visit us often. If you have any idea how we can improve, you are most welcome to contact us through our online contact form.

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We have written a range of articles including Educational, Activity records, Articles from overseas.

Meet Our Trustees @ CCET

Hin Ling Estella LEE, QSM, Chairperson of Chinese Conservation Education Trust
Felix Lin, Trustee / External Vice Chair
Susan Li, Trustee / Internal Vice Chair
Helen Fu, Trustee / Treasurer


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Green Ribbon Award 2003

Raising Awareness of Environmental Issues

Award is given by Ministry for the Environment

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“Conservation today

for a better Tomorrow”

E Awards 2003 – Special Award

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“Conservation today

 for a better tomorrow”