Chinese Conservation Education Trust

-- By George Ge


We were lucky, for there were so many enthusiastic participants, and at last, the weather was moved to give us a couple of hours for the introduction and work.

Yes, we have done a great job. We had fun. Rain is just water, in Chinese, it is money. All of us will have lots of money this year, I bet.

The group we held on the day was so great, I really really would like to have other opportunities to get with others together again.

Thank you XiaoWen, for your participating all the events and always with the new friends;

Thanks for so many families with family members do the work together;

Thank you Ken and Trudy, and Manukau City Council for supporting the BBQ kit.

Thank you Lily, Miranda, Sophy and Guan for your excellent work to help me on BBQ work. People loved it, I believe, some boys had nearly 10 sausages! I was so happy that all the food nearly gone!

Thank you Bharat and Jason from Asia Downunder of TV One. We will be on TV One in a couple of weeks. That is great, isn't it?

Thank you Barry for your passing the very important message of shellfish harvesting to us.

Thank you Dr. John Walsby for all your hard working. He was all wet and cold. Wish he everything is fine.

For me, it was a fantastic experience. I was really happy.