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Repair Café is going to open again.

14/09/2017 7:55:57 p.m.
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Repair Café is going to open again.

Repair Café is going to open again.

We can help to repair your small items of : electrical appliances, furniture, clothing and general repair items.


Organizer: Chinese Conservation Education Trust

Co-organizer :Grey Lynn 2030

Sponsor:Albert-Eden Local Board


Date :7th October 2017 ( Saturday)

Time:2pm to 5pm

Venue:: 956 Great North Road, Community Recycle Centre (Opposite Western Spring, lots of parking on the eastern side of the venue)。


Please note that Repair Café will operate in different areas of Auckland. If you do not live in Western Spring/ Grey Lynn area , please wait till the Repair Café operate in your area.


In order to control the crowd and follow the instruction of the Repair Café Auckland head office, please note the following rules and regulations:


  1.     Visitors bringing in an item for repair need to get a number chip first. Then register their item at the reception and wait till their number’s called to go to the appropriate repair area.
  2.     Number chips will be given out at the time of start. Those who cannot come at the start can ring 0274-229922 after 2:15 pm to book a time and a number chip to ensure that your item can be repaired. Only people with number chips can have their item repaired. Please note that the phone number will only open from 2:15 pm. Please do not call before that time.
  3.     In order to let more people have the chance, one repair item is allowed for each person. For those who have 2 items, they need to line up again after their first item has been repaired.
  4.     Repair items are restricted to small ones. If you cannot carry the item with your two hands, it is too big. We cannot help then.
  5.     The work carried out in the Repair Café is performed free of charge on a voluntary basis by the repair experts. Visitors offering broken items for repair do so at their own risk. Repair experts are entitled to refuse to repair certain objects.
  6.     Any jobs need spare parts or more than half an hour of labour, we cannot help but will refer the visitor to commercial professional repairers. If you want us to change the zip for you, please bring a new suitable zip.           
  7.     Repair, drinks and biscuits are all free. Donations are welcome.