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16/11/2014 11:32:31 p.m.
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「華人環保教育信託基金」CCET Activity News活動編號:141213

North Head History walk

North Head does not look much different from other small mountains in Auckland. However, it was an important military facility during the First and Second World Wars. We can still find the military tunnels and facilities on the mountain. The very famous “Disappearing Gun” is still there in good condition. CCET is going to take you there to learn about its history and explore the tunnels.

Activity code : 141213

Date : 13th Dec., 14 (Saturday)

Time : 9:30am to approx. 12:30pm

Charge : Free (Donation welcome)

Remark: please bring a small torch, wear sport shoes and gears for the sun or the rain. Bring a warm wind jacket is advisable.

***This activity will involve around 3 hours walk of up and down the hill and stair cases, It is not suitable for those who walk with difficulty.

Registration: please call3030633 and leave your name, number, activity code and how many are joining.



北岸與奧市中心隔海相對的小山丘--「北頭」(North Head) 與奧市的其他小山丘似乎沒多少分別,卻原來該山丘曾經是第一、二次世界大戰時的軍事重地,山上仍留有不少戰時挖掘的隧道、軍事設施,當年著名的「隱形炮」 仍保存完好。基金會將帶你重溫當年歷史,在山上尋幽探秘。




集合地點:北岸(North Shore),德芬港(Devonport)渡輪碼頭入口處。




報名請電留言電話:3030633, 留下:姓名、電話、參加人數、活動編號。