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10/07/2019 11:08:47 p.m.
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Mandarin Love Food Hate Waste workshop

Mandarin Love Food Hate Waste workshop

Organized by Chinese Conservation Education Trust

Sponsored by Auckland Council

New Zealanders throw away 122,547 tonnes of food a year. Dumping the food into the rubbish bin, not only waste the resources, it also do a lot of harm to the environment. Much food we dumped was still good and eatable. If we can make use of our left over to create new dishes, we can save a lot of resources and good food from the landfill.

During fruiting season, there will be more fruit than you can consume. Instead of letting them go rotten, we will teach you how to make use of the fruit to make fruit wine.

Do you have bread crust you don’t like to eat  ? We can teach you how to use the bread crust to a vegetarian port belly dish. They are delicious, easy to make.

Seats are limited. Please register early.

Activity code :  190727

Date : 27.07.19 ( Saturday)

Time : 2pm to 4pm.

Place : Meadowbank Community Centre. 29 St. John’s Road, close to Meadowbank shopping centre

Admission : Free (Donation is welcome)


Registration : Please leave your name, contact number, how many people want to attend & activity code on our voice mail phone : 3030633.