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5/03/2019 12:10:33 a.m.
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190323 Goat Island Marine Reserve and Omaha one day trip

Co-organized by the Department of Conservation and Chinese Conservation Education Trust

Goat Island Marine Reserve and Omaha one day trip

Many people know about Goat Island Marine Reserve. Why do we need marine reserves ? In what way marine reserves benefit man kind ? The Goat Island Marine Reserve Discovery centre that we are going to visit can give you the answer. In there we can learn about the interesting marine animals, see them and even touch them.


On the day, we will also visit Omaha where we can learn about the endanger bird – NZ dotterel that can pretend to be hurt to divert people away from their nest. Omaha is also a resort for the rich and famous. NZ’s ex- prime minister Mr. John Key also has a mansion there.


Activity code : 190323

Date:  23rd March, 2019(Sunday)

Departure time & place :

8:00am Pakuranga Plaza, Pakuranga library,  Reeves Road  near William Roberts Road

8:15am Greenlane McDonald

8:30am Auckland CBD, Albert Street, AAbuilding

8:50am Outside “ The Dark Horse” Restaurant at the junction of Constellation Drive and Parkway Drive (next to the Constellation Bus Stop).


Please note : This trip will be operated in Mandarin.


*please be there 15 minutes before departure.

Tour cost : $39/ adult, $29/child under 12(including coach fare, Marine Reserve information centre tour and admission.)

Return time: approx 6pm

What to bring : lunch, drink, wind breaker, sun glasses, hat or rainy gear.

Registration : call 3030633 & leave your name, contact number, number of people joining, activity code & place you want to get onto our coach.


After you leave your name & contact in our phone :

  1.                                 Someone from CCET will call to confirm vacancy available.
  2.                                 Do not pay if you have not got our call to confirm there is vacancy.
  3.                                 If there’s vacancy, then please pay as shown below.
  4.                                 Go to ASB Bank to bank in your tour cost

a)     Account name : CCET

b)    Account number : 12-3188-0151516-00

c)     Remember to request the bank to make sure your phone number to display on the recipient’s bank statement so that we can identify it’s your money.

d)    Keep the receipt

  1.                                 Wait for our call to confirm receipt of your money & your seats.
  2.                                 On the day, please be at the departure point 15 minutes earlier.
  3.                                 If you have problem on the day of departure, call : 0274-229922
  4.                                 All other queries, please call 3030633 & leave a message. Please allow 3 to 4 days for us to respond to your enquiry.
  5.                                 If you have called to register or paid in the money, you still cannot get our call after 5 days, please call 3030633 & leave a message again.
  6.                              Cancellation must be made 7 days before departure and you must try your best to find a person to take your place, otherwise there is no guarantee of a full refund.