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29/05/2018 1:09:20 a.m.
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180616 Orewa Free Mandarin composting Talk

Orewa Free Mandarin composting Talk

Free Mandarin Composting Talk is sponsored by Auckland Council, aiming to help us to minimize our Rubbish. Changing waste into valuables.

Composting talk will talk about garden composting, worm farming and Bokashi composting. The talk teaches us how to turn our organic garden waste and kitchen food waste into valuable compost.

This free talk will be delivered in Mandarin. Participants will be able to buy special price garden compost bin, worm farm or Bokashi bucket. Please bring cash if you want to buy. Price is from $28 to $72. Seats are limited. Don't miss out.

Activity code : 180616

Date : 16th June.,2018 (Saturday)

Time : 10am to 12 noon

Admission : free

Venue : 40-46 Orewa Square, Orewa Community Centre, Orewa, Pls ref map underneath.

Registration : Please leave your name, contact number, number of participants & activity code, on our voice mail phone : 3030633.