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23/11/2017 4:39:07 a.m.
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171209 Three Kings Love Food Hate Waste and composting TalkFree

Three Kings  Love Food Hate Waste and composting TalkFree

In New Zealand 229,022 tonnes of food is sent to landfill by households annually. 50% or 122,547 tonnes is avoidable food waste. The national cost of avoidable household food waste disposed of to landfill in 2014/2015 was $872 million per year.

Coming up is the holiday season, Christmas and New Year parties are the time we waste a large amount of our food. Do you want to give new lives to our left over food and make them into new snack for the next party ? We will teach you how to use left over bread to make fresh sushi. 

We will also teach you how to turn the food your guests  do not eat into compost, a very good fertilizer. 

This free talk will be delivered in Mandarin. Participants will be able to buy special price garden compost bin, worm farm or Bokashi bucket. Seats are limited. Don't miss out.

Activity code : 171209

Date : 9th December,2017 (Saturday)

Time : 2pm to 4:30pm

Admission : free

Venue : Corner Mt Albert and Mt Eden roads, Three Kings Tennis Pavilion (546, Mt. Albert Road near 喜運來酒樓and Three King’s library. When you face the library, Tennis Pavilion is the small building on the right. Please refer to map, follow the yellow line and arrow.)

Registration : Please leave your name, contact number, number of participants & activity code, on our voice mail phone : 3030633.