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10/10/2014 10:44:51 p.m.
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「華人環保教育信託基金」CCET Activity News活動編號:141026


看似平平無大奇的奧克蘭市中心海旁,其實,其中有不少先進的設計及環保設施,也有豐富的歷史。該設計曾次多獲獎。剛過的九月二十七日再次奪得兩個國際獎項,其中包括「最佳海旁計劃」。基金會邀請了「奧市海旁」推廣部經理為大家介紹(華語翻譯) 。




集合地點:市中心皇后街(Queen’s Street) 走至海旁,土黃色的「渡輪碼頭」(Ferry Terminal)

費用:免費 (歡迎樂捐)

報名請電留言電話:3030633, 留下:姓名、電話、參加人數、活動編號。



Learn about Auckland Waterfront walk & talk

Auckland waterfront does not look very special.  Actually it is a very advanced project. A lot of advanced environmental technique been used. It is also rich in history. The project has won a lot of awards. On 27th Sept., 14 it won two international awards again, including the “Best Waterfront Project Award” . We have invited the project promotion manager to talk to us (Mandarin interpretation provided).

Activity Code: 141026

Date : 26th Oct., 2014 (Sunday)

Time : 9:30am (till around 12 noon)

Meeting place : Ferry Terminal at the waterfront of Queen’s Street.

Fee : Free (Donations are welcome)

Registration please call 3030633 & leave your name, contact number, number of people and activity code.




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