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8/09/2017 2:13:29 a.m.
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170926 Organic gardening workshop

Organic gardening workshop—It’s time to grow our seedlings now


Spring is now here. It is the time to plan your home garden. What plant species we should choose for this season ? Which plant we should grow from seed ? Which one from root division  and which from cuttings ? How to do it correctly ? We will talk about all these.

We will also make our own seed raising mix. Everyone will be able to bring home a newly planted seed in a pot of seed raising mix we make on the day


Date:  26 September

Location:  Kaipatiki Project, 17 Lauderdale Road, Birkdale

Time:  10am-12pm

Bring:  Hat & gloves

Charge:Free. (Donations welcome )

Registration : Please call 3030633 : leave your name, contact number, number of people joining, activity code.