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13/08/2017 1:13:04 p.m.
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170829 Organic Gardening talk :‘No-Dig Garden’ Workshop

Organic Gardening talk :‘No-Dig Garden’ Workshop

Our organic gardening workshop had never operated in West Auckland before. This time we are very lucky to have Judy Keats tutor of many community gardens, an expert on organic gardening to do a workshop for us in West Auckland.

Do you want to put a vege garden in your backyard ? How to do it without digging the lawn away? We can teach you how to do a “No Dig garden”. The process can also be used when you are not growing in your vege bed in winter. Prepare it well, then you can have a very fertile bed to grow your vegetable in Spring. Come and learn about “Sheet Mulching”. Also learn about activators and enhancers that can be used, and the reason why a “no dig” garden is beneficial.

Activity code : 170829

Date & time: 29th August (Tuesday) (10am to 12 noon)

Venue: Triangle Park Community Garden, 385 Don Buck Rd, Massey

Speaker : Ms Judy Keats (Mandarin interpretation)

Fee : Free (Donations welcome. It is to support CCET’s venue hire and daily expenses)

Registration : call 3030633 & leave your name, contact number, number of people joining, activity code.