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11/05/2017 9:19:34 p.m.
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170527 Howick Community Waste-Wise Champion Training Workshop, 27 May 2017

Howick Community Waste-Wise Champion Training Workshop, 27 May 2017
Around three shopping trolleys full of good food (money-wise, around $560) end up in landfill for each household each year in New Zealand. This takes up space in landfills and adds to the amount of carbon in the environment as well as wasting money.
CCET and Auckland Council Community Waste-Wise Team are co-running a training workshop to demonstrate how to lessen the impact of wasted food. They are looking for potential community champions, to promote the LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE campaign. Through this introductory and up-skilling training session, you may find opportunities to participate Council funded community engagement projects around waste services.
This session is aiming to call up and up-skill some of CCET volunteers to support Council’s Rubbish Bin Roll-out in East and South Auckland, educating the Chinese community to prevent and reduce food waste.
Training may cover: Health & Safety Plan; Key message on LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE; Tactical engagement tools for Chinese community; How to organise a workshop/ activation; How to run a workshop/ activation; How to utilise CCET and Council resources; and so forth.
If you are interested in learning about food waste prevention, or keen to become a community waste-wise champion and help spread words on waste minimisation within Chinese community, this is a golden chance. We sincerely invite you to join.
To register, phone: (09) 3030633 before Wednesday, 17 May . Please leave your name, contact number numbers of participants.
Activity Number: 170527
Date: Saturday, 27 May, 2017
Time: 10am-2pm (light lunch provided)
Venue: Howick Fencible Lounge, 25 Uxbridge Rd., Howick
Fee: Free