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27/08/2016 12:22:40 a.m.
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160917 Weed or food?

a Conservation Week Event- A Conservation Week walk & talk for Chinese communities

Organised and funded by DOC, supported by Chinese Conservation Education Trust and Gardens4Health

Weed or food?

The aim of this workshop to help Chinese gardeners/ general residents to understand bio-security and biodiversity beyond their home gardens, by identifying a number of most commonly seen pest plants, plus introducing some useful native plants. The selected pest plants may be of edible or medicinal value among Chinese communities, therefore bio-security mind set needs to be reinforced. Hopefully those selected rongoa plants will be encouraging people to appreciate and utilise native plants as an alternative source of those popular but blacklisted plants.

Note: The workshop will be conducted in Mandarin.

Activity code: 160917

Venue: Auckland Botanic Gardens (gather at the Foyer at 10:15am, volunteer will guide participants to the lecture room).

Date: Sat, 17 Sept 2016

Start Time: 10.30am-11:30am

Admission : Free

Please gear up for the rain or the sun according to the weather. Wear sport or tramping shoes.

Registration : Please leave your name, contact number, number of participants & activity code, on our voice mail phone : 3030633.

Someone from CCET will call within a few days to confirm vacancy available.

Do not come if you have not got our call to confirm there is vacancy.

After confirm, if you have any change, please call us as soon as possible to let other people has the chance to join.