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7/07/2016 4:47:32 p.m.
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160731 Tree Planting at Motuihe Island

Tree Planting at Motuihe Island

Winter is Auckland’s planting season because we have more rain. Trees are very important to our environment and are especially good for combating Climate Change. We should all do our best and plant more trees.

31st July (Sunday) we are going to plant trees in Motuihe Island. Motuihe Island is a lovely small Island, has 2 back to back sandy beaches. When one beach is windy, the other one will be calm and peaceful. Motuihe Island area is only 440 sq acres. It is a very special island. Not only that it has long and rich history, it is also a predator’s free island. After a lot of time and effort put in by DOC & volunteers, in 2005, the island is free of small animals and is paradise for birds. Since we are volunteering our time, we can enjoy a special ferry fare. This should be a very good chance to visit the island and to contribute our effort to protect the environment.

Activity no: 160731

Date : 31st July, 16 (Sunday)

Time : 8:30am, returning to Ferry terminal at 4:30pm. Gathering Place: Ferry Terminal at the waterfront of Queen Street.

Ferry fare: $21.5/adult (normal fare is $28), $10.50 child under 15. (pay directly at the Ferry Terminal)

Remark: Please bring your own lunch & drink. All food has to be put in transparent plastic bags with zips. All your belongings have to be put in zipped up backpacks. Open bags (e.g. shopping bags) are not allowed.

Please gear up for the rain or the sun according to the weather. Wear sport or tramping shoes.

Registration : Please leave your name, contact number, number of participants & activity code(it is the activity date), on our voice mail phone : 3030633. Someone from CCET will call within a few days to confirm vacancy available.

Do not come if you have not got our call to confirm there is vacancy.

After confirm, if you have any change, please call us as soon as possible to let other people has the chance to join.