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6/10/2015 9:23:26 p.m.
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151101 Learning NZ’s eco system on Tiritiri Matangi Island

Tiritiri Matangi is a very famous island among the main stream conservationist. Many years ago the pest animals had been eradicated from the island. Many endangered birds, insects and reptiles can be kept on the Island. Nowadays after islands and “mainland islands” have eradicated their pest animals and want to reintroduce the endangered bird species, most of them came from Tiritiri. Since the ferry ride is very expensive (normally at $70/adult), it is hard for CCET to organize any trips.

From 1st to 8th November, it is “NZ Conservation Week” , CCET is organizing a trip on 1st Nov., (Sunday) to visit the island. Seats are limited, please grab your seat early.

Activity no: 151101

Date : 1st Nov.,15 (Sunday)

Time : 8:15am, returning to Ferry terminal at 4:50pm (Ferry ride will be 75 minutes)

Gathering Place: Ferry Terminal at the waterfront of Queen Street.

Ferry fare: $45/adult, $22.50 child under 15. Fare also include the tour on the island. Please bring your own lunch & drink.

Remark: All your belongings have to be put in zipped up backpacks. Open bags (e.g. shopping bags) are not allowed.

All food has to be put in transparent plastic bags with zips.

Please gear up for the rain or the sun according to the weather. Wear sport or tramping shoes.




Registration : Please leave your name, contact number, number of participants & activity code(it is the activity date), on our voice mail phone : 3030633.


After you leave your name & contact in our phone :

  1. Someone from CCET will call to confirm vacancy available.
  2. Do not pay if you have not got our call to confirm there is vacancy.
  3. If there’s vacancy, then please pay as shown below.
  4. Go to ASB Bank or online to bank in your tour cost

a)     Account name : CCET

b)     Account number : 12-3188-0151516-00

c)     Remember to request the bank to make sure your phone number to display on the recipient’s bank statement so that we can identify it’s your money.

d)     Keep the receipt

  1. Wait for our call to confirm receipt of your money.
  2. On the day, please be at the departure point 15 minutes earlier.
  3. If you have problem on the day of departure, call : 0224-918151
  4. All other queries, please call 3030633 & leave a message. Please allow 3 to 4 days for us to respond to your enquiry.
  5. If you have called to register or paid in the money, you still cannot get our call after 5 days, please call 3030633 & leave a message again.
  6. Cancellation must be made 7 days before departure and you must try your best to find a person to take your place, otherwise there is no guarantee of a full refund.