Chinese Conservation Education Trust


February 3, 2018

February 10, 2018 Northcote shopping center Gloves Fundraising


180324 Takapuna Free Mandarin composting Talk 

180325 Have you got any problem in your house and garden with animal pests like rats, possums ? Come and learn how to deal with them




2018 15 April, EcoDay EcoMatters at Olympic Place, New Lynn

180414 Pakuranga Free Mandarin composting Talk



180420 Organic gardening workshop

180428 Albany Free Mandarin composting Talk


180503 Birkenhead Library Free Mandarin composting Talk


180512 Northcote Free Mandarin composting Talk


180521 Organic gardening workshop – DIY Green Ointment


180526 Avondale Free Mandarin composting Talk


180531 Free Mandarin Antarctica Talk in Epsom 

180606 Fruit tree care and herbal leys how to create shapes that will enhance fruit production 



 180609 Shakespeare Regional Park tree planting

180615 Totara Park Tree planting




180616 Orewa Free Mandarin composting Talk

180630 Hub Zero launching


180707 Kauri Tree planting and Driving Creek Train ride at Coromandel township

180726 From trash to treasure : broken umbrella to beautiful shopping bag


180804 “西北野生物种连系”, 在桑德斯保护区(Sanders Reserve) 植樹 NW Wildlink, Sanders Reserve Tree planting 

180825 免费华语南極讲座 Free Mandarin Antarctica Talk



1st September 2018 “Repair Café(RC)” is opening again

180915 “From trash to treasure” Mandarin Talk : broken umbrella to beautiful shopping bag + No Sew Bag


180916 Conservation week special Chinese programme~Special thanks to Mr. Thomas Hamill

7th October 2018 Another Repair Café is coming up again soon !!! 


181013 Free Mandarin DIY composting system workshop

181027 Mandarin Love Food Hate Waste workshop